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mirni-kutak-frane-markovic-poduzetnik-godineMirni Kutak d.o.o. is a family company, with the leadership of Frane Marković, owner and manager of the family Hotel and Restaurant. Mr. Frane Markovic was a choice of Business Intelligence Institute to become The most successful entrepreneur 1999th and 2003. year.

He was a buyer of the Golden Book. Also, it is not needless to mention that the Restaurant Mirni Kutak has received (2004.) the sash for “100 leading restaurants in CROATIA” – Restaurant Croatica ..and now as a Hotel Mirni Kutak, 3 star receives the honor to confirm the quality in the 2004., 2009., 2010., 2011., 2012., 2013., 2014., 2015. and 2017.

NEW! Award based on the business results. The “golden book” of the best Croatian entrepreneurs and managers 2012.