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Fly Fishing Gacka

313901_2233524471947_1062983252_32229458_296279501_nGacke river and Flyfishing  

Gacka is one among the three best known river in the world. The beauty of this surrounding nature, the ambiance, and the fishing opportunities are able to capture the hearts of all those lucky enough to ever come and visit the worldwide known beauty.

Gacka is extremely rich in both flora and fauna. The vegetation is abundant owing to the favorable water temperature, convenient chemical structure, silty bed, and moderate flow. Underwather vegetation grows throughout the year, but its growth is nevertheless more pronounced in the warm seasons. As many as 25 plant species have been identified: Algae, Bryophytes and woody plants.

Fishing revirs
A / Fly Fishing, B / Spin and C / Carp fishing

A / From the Gacka spring to Stanišić bridge (the fifth concrete bridge) fishing is allowed only with an artificial fly. In the area of the church of Sveti Franjo  to third concrete bridge (Toncini bridge) fishing is allowed on the principle of “catch and release”; all fish caught must be released back into the river.

B / From Stanišić Bridge (the fifth concrete bridge) downstream fishing is allowed with an artificial fly and all other artificial baits.

C / On the Švica and Gusić lake permitted to fish in compliance with statutory hunting measures.

This revir includes the natural lake, name Švičko jezero in the village of Švica and the accumulation lake in the village Brlog, name Gusić jezero . Švičko jezero is natural habitat for many species of fish, and the experience of fishing for carp and tench makes unique idyllic nature.

Hunting small and big game

For those who prefer to hunt small or big game our hunting destination offering you  guaranteed catch.

„ LUBUDOVA ŠUMA “ – guaranteed catch

▪ Commercial game
▪ Trophy game

Hunting is allowed throughout the whole year –  one shot – pax EUR 200.00 plus catching by category

Venison: deer, roebuck, fallow deer, pig, boar, rabbit


Venison: Bear, wolf, fox, badger, Rabbit, Wildcat, Lynx…
– Doe, a deer, deer, fallow deer, mouflon
– Wild Boar, Boar, Hare
Birds: Woodcock, Quail, Pheasant, Magpie, Hawk
Hunting is determined by the season so need to check hunting calendar.

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