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Hotel Mirni Kutak Otočac

Gornja Dubrava 63, 53 220 Otočac
Lika-senj region Croatia
Tel:+385 (0)53 771 589
Fax:+385 (0)53 771 590
Gsm:+385 (0)91 580 14 03

Latitude / Longitude

44.87375414819046,15.256184935569763 (on Google Maps and OpenStreetMap )

Why you simply must find us in the Gacka river valley?

In the untouched nature along the beautiful Gacka river? Restaurant has it’s quality based on 21-year experience, and is listed among the 100 leading restaurants in Croatia.

Our restaurants is situated in the vicinity of a number of hunting grounds for birds, mid-size and large game, as well as near the Gacka river, world-famous for it’s cleanliness and sport fishing.

During your stay with us, we recommend trips to the source of the river Gacka, Mlinice, museums and archaeological sites, shelter for young bears in Kuterevo, Our Lady of Krasno sanctuary, as well as Krasno ski resort. For sports flying enthusiasts, we are situated only 3 km from the sports airport.

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